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Warm up

Write two sentences with a simile starter. The first sentence must be a simile starting with 'As'. The second sentence must be a simile starting with 'Like'.

Today we are going to write a diary entry in the role of Macbeth. Get ready to get jump into the story and get into character!

Look below and read the through the important features of a diary entry.

Think carefully about the word 'perception'. What is Macbeth thinking about killing the king? Does his perception change? Does he still think it's a good idea to the kill the king? 

Climb into Macbeth's shoes and get into character because you are going to be writing your diary entry as him (first person). Imagine you are feeling all of his emotions and thinking all his thoughts?

As you read through the next 4 slides, think carefully about how Macbeth's perception towards killing the king changes. What will he be thinking? What emotions could he be experiencing?

Finish the sentence off below. Describe how Macbeth's perception changes. What is he thinking at the beginning of the text compared to the end?


You are going to write a diary entry based on the text you have read today on the 4 slides above. Think about how you (Macbeth) are feeling through this section and the events that are taking place. Remember you are Macbeth! Think about your emotions and thoughts!


Scroll to the bottom to see what you could include in your writing to be successful!

If you are at home, write the date and LC and complete the task. The diary has been started for you to help you!