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Warm up

Add a main clause to the simile starters below.

What could be dark in the story? Macbeth's horse or clothes?

What could be fast in the story like a steam train?

Today we are going to be inferring Macbeth's thoughts and feelings and understanding how they change throughout the story.


Below we are going to step into the text and think carefully about the emotions Macbeth might feel at this point in the story.


If you are at home, you could look into a mirror, get into the character of Macbeth and role play his emotions, focusing on this part of the story.

Look below at the emojis and emotions. Evidence of these are what we are going to be looking for in the text.

Read the pages below (14-19) to remind yourself of this part of the story.

Using pages 14-19 you are going to complete the task. Look for evidence in the text to identify when Macbeth is feeling the emotions in the table. Write the evidence next to the correct emotion.


Can you find a part in the text when Macbeth is feeling:







If you are at home, write the date and LC in your Blended learning Book. Draw the emojis out and write the evidence from the text next to it. Just like the model.