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Warm up

Add a simile starter to the sentence below. If Macbeth is walking slowly, what could you compare him to? If his horse is galloping fast, what could you compare it to?

Today we are going to be exploring the setting and characters in the story of Macbeth. Think carefully about what we know so far about the story.

Because we know all about The Legend of Gelert, we are going to have a go at exploring the setting and characters from this story, to help us explore Macbeth.

Look at the examples below, the setting and character questions are answered based on The Legend of Gelert and using background knowledge.


You will answer the questions just like this but based on the story of Macbeth.


Clue: You might need to research when the story of Macbeth was set.

First write the date and LC. Then set you work out just like this when completing the task.


If you are at home, write the date and LC in your Blended Learning Book. Write the questions out in your book and answer them below.