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Warm up

Add a main clause to the simile starters below. Can you link your sentence to the story of Macbeth and what you know so far?

Today we are going to be learning and understanding vocabulary from the story of Macbeth.

First we are going to read to the end of Chapter 1. Whilst you are reading the chapter, jot down any unfamiliar words you come across in the text.

Here are the words we are going to be focusing on today. We are going to use a semantic map to explain the meaning of the word within the context of the text.

Here are the definitions below to help you understand the meaning of the word, so you are able to write it correctly in a sentence.

The model below shows you exactly what you need to do for your task. Two words of been done for you.

If you are at home, write the date and LC in Blended Learning Books. Draw out the table with a ruler or set it out with the four sub-headings like this:


                       Target word                              Definition





                       Sentence                                    Synonyms