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Wellbeing Wednesday

Welcome to Well-being Wednesday!


Every Wednesday for the next seven weeks we are going to look at lots of different exercises and activities that will help us with our physical well-being and our emotional well-being. You might choose to do these activities before you start your daily home learning, at lunchtime or before you go to bed at night. It is entirely up to you! Whilst taking part in these activities and exercises think about how they are making you feel. 


Learning Challenge:

  • Focus on our breathing and how it makes us feel. 


Today's activity is called:  Finger Breathing 


In the video below it will help to strengthen your superpowers of focus and calm by taking slow deep breaths as you trace the outline of your hand with your pointer finger. 

  • You don’t have to use your hand you could use a shape, a flower, your favorite toy. 
  • You might like to hold your chest while you breathe, or your tummy or just hold your hand out in front of you.
  • You could add some calming music, put on some hand cream or oils.
  • As you go up your hand you can decide whether you breathe in through your nose or mouth and when you go down you breathe out through the opposite. Example: if you go up your hand you can breathe in through your nose and as you go down your hand you breathe out of your mouth.