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Welcome back to school

Welcome back to school!

Children and families gave some wonderful feedback on how they spend their half-term break. Question’s like ‘when is school opening’ and ‘I am looking forward to coming to school’, made us realise the importance of school life to all the community.

The pandemic defined and brought to focus the roles teachers play in the development and growth of young lives, quickly adjusting to a new ways of teaching, working extremely hard    because of their passion, to see each and every one of their pupils to excel in education, and everything that they do.

 Covid – 19’s sudden appearance last year taught us not to take anything for granted. It has taught all of us around the world to adjust, plan, and review the way we live and work in a ‘never’ before way. Some children may have thrived in being schooled differently; others may have struggled in not having the structure, routines and boundaries in place, and there will be for some ‘catch up’ needed, however in the face of adversity, we have all been creative in learning.

Resilience and self-sufficiency are life skills, and how our children have learnt has been different from other communities, especially for the children with parents who have no or limited English or technical knowledge.

Parents have looked forward to our wellbeing call weekly, and staff felt that trusting relationship has been build, which gave an insight in how we can support each and individual family.

As we are about to start school, many of you and your children may be anxious, worried about the do’s and don’ts. The school has sent information to all parents on the protocols, please read Mrs Davison’s letter. Children will be excited in coming back to school and a little worried, talk to your children, check the information from Miss Wilkinson our Family Lead Support, who has put on information on the school website, for you to help your child manage those worries and anxieties.

The virus has not disappeared, so parents, please follow you’re schools health and safety guidelines. Make sure to check the websites and head teacher’s letters on safety procedure/measures put in place, for you to follow to keep yourselves, your children and the wider community safe. Be mindful of the social distancing rule.

Few important tips to be mindful of:-

  • Wash your hands often and teach your child to do the same.
  • Wear your mask when you are out or when picking up or dropping your children at school.
  • Keep 2 metres apart from people.

Do not shake hands as a greeting.

  • Sneeze into your elbow and teach your children the same.
  • Remember 1 adult only when dropping of or picking your children from school.
  • Inform the school of any changes to health.
  • Take advantage of online mosque learning, and keep your children safe at home.
  • Keep non-essential visits limited, and do not take children to the supermarkets with you.
  • If unsure check GOV.UK website for up to date Coronavirus information.

If you have concerns email or contact the school.

Watch the video 1 to refresh yourself on how to stay safe and watch video 2  below with your child/children for reminder of keeping safe, which was made during summer pandemic.

Covid 19

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Welcome Back to School - COVID-19 Return to School Animation

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Strictly follow the Covid-19 safety rules and guidelines next week and Keep safe!