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Week 5 Positivity

Dear parents!

Thank you for participating every week in Be Kind to Yourself, and using the healing actions to make positive changes to your physical and emotional wellbeing. This week I want to leave you with POSITIVITY and HAPPINESS before we break up for half term.

All around us we hear good, bad, sad, frightening, uplifting and motivating news. People’s brain filters the information they want to keep, or forget. Our brain is like the computer, memory stored can’t always be deleted! But can be manged.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, social media sites, with its positive messages, How does it make you feel? GOOD? HAPPY? That is the goal of the positive affirmation.

So what do you want to store?! You want to store great memories!

For the dads who have been home schooling and working from home, you have not been forgotten. When school make their weekly welfare calls. We listen and value your comments, and appreciate that it’s not easy balancing work, family, and supporting your child with their education and be optimist, therefore, keeping to the Positive theme …… It’s a one off unique memories to store, which you can pass on to the family history book of time spend together, being creative, facemasks, lockdown, WOW!

Watch the video’s and hope you can make some time for yourself and banish those negative thoughts.

4 Minutes To Start Your Day Right! MORNING MOTIVATION and Positivity!

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Let’s learn to be calm, at peace, love, to smile more, be compassionate, all that is good around us, let’s be GRATEFUL for all that we have in the PRESENT!

As usual, I will leave you with the 5 minute guided meditation.

5 Minute Every Day Guided Meditation

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February is National Heart Awareness month, so let’s talk, support, and encourage each other to keeping our heart healthy. Make those small changes to what you eat, exercise more, reduce stress and anxiety. Maybe your half term break next week can be your fresh start.

Watch the importance of walking.

What Will Happen to Your Body If You Walk Every Day

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Keep checking the Action for Happiness calendar for Fabulous February, 7 days of positive changes guide.





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