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Week 1 Refocusing

Ramadan can be a good opportunity to help us to refocus and think about what is important in our lives.

With Ramadan upon us, we tend to use this month as a time for reassessment and refocusing our lives. a time of reflection, community, fasting and prayer We have a need for food and drink which we can quench when we break our fast. We get tired and hot or uncomfortable, and all this goes away the moment iftar greets us. These are our physical needs. What about our psychological needs, and how can we fulfill them this Ramadan?

Research shows that when you have a positive frame of mind, you are more likely to be positive in life and an uplifting attitude. Those around you will also become more positive just by being in your presence.

Let’s look at ten things you can do to cultivate your positivity and motivation, and increase your well-being during Ramadan.

  1. Counting your blessings:
    Express gratitude for what you have (either privately through dua or journaling or to a close other) and ‘show’ your appreciation to others by making dua for them.
  2. Cultivate optimism:
    Keep a journal in which you imagine and write about the best possible future for yourself, or practicing to look at the bright side of every situation. This Ramadan, think of the best possible Ramadan you could have and then make it happen In sha Allah.
  3. Avoid over-thinking and social comparison:
    Use strategies (such as distraction) to cut down on how often you dwell on your problems, and instead compare yourself to others who have less than you. This is also a sunnah. Then, be grateful for what you do have.
  4. Practice acts of kindness:
    Do good things for others, whether friends or strangers, either directly or anonymously, and whether spontaneous or planned.
  5. Nurture relationships:
    Pick a relationship in need of strengthening, and invest time and energy into healing, cultivating, affirming, and enjoying it.
  6. Do more activities that truly engage you:
    Increase the number of experiences at home and work that are challenging and absorbing, and in which you can almost “lose yourself”. Practice this with reading Qur’an, listening to tafsir on your iPod or electronic device, and in sending salams on the Prophet Muhammad
  7. Commit to your goals: 
    Pick one, two, or three significant goals that are meaningful to you and devote the time and effort to pursue them. What are you going to change this Ramadan?
  8. Practice learning to forgive: 
    Keep a journal or writing a letter in which you work on letting go of the anger and resentment towards one or more individuals who have hurt or wronged you. Remember this act of forgiveness this Ramadan will bring even more reward, especially if you do it for the sake of
  9. Practice religion and spirituality: 
    Become more involved in your mosque. Read and ponder on the meaning of the Qur’an. Listen to a seerah audio. All of this improves your well-being. Be cautious however to not set goals so high, that they are unachievable and leads to stress.
  10. Taking care of your body: 
    Engage in physical activity and reflection. This includes smiling and laughing! Also, eat well and drink healthy drinks during the month.


Ramadan can be a good opportunity to help us to refocus and think about what is important in our lives.

Take 5 minutes to watch this video which can help you to refocus your mind.



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