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Week 1

Happy New Year and welcome back to a new beginning and a fresh start!


For all of us closure of the past year and the beginning of the new year can be different.

Happiness in having  additional members to the family, receiving  gifts, treating one selves to something new, emotional due to a close one they may  have lost, recovering from an illness and for others sadness. 


This week let’s focus on Gratitude and be thankful for ALL that we have and strengthen our emotional wellbeing.

Emotional wellbeing is one of the 5 wellbeing suggestion.


To quote from the mental Health Foundation 'A positive sense of wellbeing which enables individuals to be able to function in society and meet the demands of life'. It is said that people in good mental health recover illness or changes quicker. Understanding and acceptance of your wellbeing means you are ‘tuned’ in to your feelings.


Remind you self of everything that made you happy last year, and reflect.

Take a moment to yourself every day this week and think of something that made you smile, focus on all the happy and positive thoughts and keep it!

Make every day special for you and collect those memories!


Use the breathing technique from our previous website or click the link below. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth and feel the CALM……

3 minutes mindfulness breathing.





Still image for this video


Still image for this video