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Week 1

Welcome back to your Wellbeing Wednesday school page for parents.


I am sure parents have been looking forward wellbeing page up and running again!

It’s been wonderful to see families back.

Back to school rounds, drop off and pick up, mosques, clubs!

Now that as a parent you have settled your children into the learning and enjoying routine, let’s look at time out for you!!

If you keep checking this page I will be putting on videos and tips on relaxation every week.

Start this term with changes you want for YOU! Put yourself first.

After the Covid-19 people around the world have realised the importance of improving health and wellbeing. This is your chance to make new changes, learn something new, make new friends, and enjoy life each day as it comes.

Watch the video’s below for tips from MIND

How to relax | 8 relaxation tips for your mental health

Still image for this video

5 ways to get moving and feel better

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Whatever you attempt let it be within your comfort zone.

This week try to fix a time for:-

1. A chai and sit down (without worrying about the next job, or feeling guilty for taking time out)

2. Go for a short walk (notice the beauty around you, sit and listen to birdsongs)

3. Learn something new (enrol on a short course, painting, craft, digital technology, candle making, join a book club, and the list is never ending)

4. Relax with nice smelling candles and peaceful music. (See attached video’s)

Relaxing music for 3 minutes.

Short Meditation Music - 3 Minute Relaxation, Calming

Still image for this video

19 Relaxing Music Tracks by Peder B. Helland

I'm happy to share these 19 relaxing music tracks with you. All of these tracks are shortened versions of popular pieces by Peder B. Helland. The track list ...

None of the above should cost you anything (some courses are free, search Lancashire Adult College, Women’s centre, Mind etc.

Have a try, and lets us know your thoughts on the above on or comments on our facebook site.