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Wednesday 23rd June

     Today, we are going to spend the morning completing everything that is unfinished then we can move on. If you are working from home then please can you complete as much as you can from the list below.


  Ensure you have completed

  •       Geography information leaflet on a state in the USA
  •       Identifying the countries of the USA and label their position on a map   (  Seesaw)
  •       Facts about major cities in the USA   (Seesaw)
  •       Environmental regions of the USA  ( Keynotes)       
  •        Collage
  •        Water colour 
  •        Beanbag sewing
  •        Physical characteristics of San Francisco    (research then Keynotes)    NOT HUMAN FEATURES. If you have forgotten then research what physical characteristics can be.  Don't forget to look at a San Francisco tour on maps.
  •       Science - electricity project
  •       Choose another city of the USA to describe its physical characteristics. This is to see if you can master your skills. You can choose any that you like and maybe compare it with San Francisco. If it was me, I would be tempted to find a complete contrast in a different biome and talk about that too! 
  •   Complete the learning on Tuesday's page 



     If you have completed everything then use the time to read and complete the activities on Mangahigh.





    For those working at home in the afternoon, please complete one or more of the wellbeing activities on the bottom of class pages.