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Values and Ethos

Stoneyholme Community Primary School

'Where Everyone Matters and Everyday Counts'



  • We recognise that children only have one childhood and we want it to be safe, magical and full of awe and wonder
  • We strive to do everything in our power to remove any barriers to success and ensure that EVERY child reaches their full potential through our commitment to the learning of all
  • We want our children to be happy, content and fulfilled, where their personal ambitions are balanced with the contribution they make to a prosperous and secure society


We want our children to:

  • Be competent and confident in themselves
  • Grow up and act with integrity, know right from wrong and be lawful citizens
  • Be ready to take responsibility, to support and nurture others
  • Be fascinated by the natural world and intrigued by our attempts to change that world; including a growing recognition of human achievements and failings
  • Enjoy taking part in the creative, cultural, sporting and innovative aspects of society
  • Appreciate and tolerate the cultures, orientations and sensitivities of others
  • Be ready and qualified to take on the next stage of their learning
  • Develop the capacity to reflect on and recognise their contribution to the world, its value and their developing spirit
  • Be positive role models as local, national and global citizens