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Tuesday English

Learn with Baby!

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LC: to use inverted commas to punctuate direct speech.

With your partner, take turns to speak and listen to what your partner says.




Now, re-write the speech using inverted commas.

LC: To record information from a range of non-fiction texts.



Let's find out more about what spider like to eat.



Click on the picture below for a website to help you with your research.




After catching its food a spider will do one of two things.


- One, it will crush down its food using its two fangs.

- Two, it will inject or douse its food with digestive juices.  A spider often does both.






Tuesday Lesson 2


LC: To use sub headings, expanded noun phrases, past tense, prepositions and adverbs within non fiction writing. (Menu) 


Using everything that we have learned so far.

Let's write a menu together.


Now using the modelled writing, it's your turn to create your own menu for 'The Spider and the Fly.'


Remember to use the toolkit on the learning wall to help you.