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LC:  Understand how some key human and physical features have changed over time.

Remember in Year 2 when you learnt about human and physical features?


Well, in Year 3 we are going to learn some more and how human and physical features change over time.


Watch the video below to remind yourself.


Describe Oswald Street to your partner.



Make a list of human and physical features.




You can do this on Seesaw or draw the table in your blue blended learning book, if you are learning from home.


Do you remember what Oswald street was like before the new houses were built?

Discuss with your partner.

Look at the photograph above. Does this help?


Discuss :

What has changed?

What has stayed the same?

Is it only human features that have changed? 

Have any physical features changed?


Now write some sentences about the changes of human and physical features.


Before the houses were built....


After the houses were built ....