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Yesterday, we discussed telling time to the nearest quarter of an hour.


On your clocks, show me quarter past 5.


Today, we are going to develop this knowledge and begin to tell time to a the nearest 5 minutes.


The clock below will help us to understand this.



The numbers relate to when the minute hand (big hand) is pointing to that number.

You should have noticed, half of the clock is pink and half of the clock is blue.

When the minute hand is pointing to anywhere in the blue half, we say that this is past the current O’clock/hour.

When the minute hand is pointing to anywhere in the pink half, we say that this is to the next O’clock/hour.

The red numbers on the outside tell us how many minutes to or past the hour.




It is important to notice, the hour hand is neither at 4 or 5.

It is after 4, so we know the last hour is 4 O’clock. 
It is before 5, so we know the next hour is 5 O’clock.

Now, we need to look at the minute hand. Use the clock above to tell me if it is past the hour or to the hour?

How many minutes?



The time on the above clock is 25 minutes past 4.


Using your clocks, make the following times


20 minutes past 2


10 minutes to 9


5 minutes past 10


25 minutes to 5

25 minutes past 3