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The Contemporaries

The recruitment for KS2 Contemporaries Roles has been completed and here is the team!

We are the contemporaries! We are all about art, creativity and talent. - Ambar

We are the the contemporaries. We like being creative! - Abu Bakr

We are creative contemporaries, we help everyone to do fun art and we are good listeners. - Hannah

We like to perform and make music. We are the contemporaries - we all have talent and that makes us good leaders. - Mahira

We will take artistic photos to let people know that we are the artists. - Ali Raza 

Creativity has a fluidity as it evolves. - Mr O.

Our first objective is to plan and create a 'role play day', where everyone comes dressed up as a character and then acts in role all day.

This means we are going to speak to lots of different people to get everything organised.

Our November meeting was a lot of fun!


Here at Stoneyholme we value the Arts. 

We are proud to be part of Arts Council England and currently hold a Gold Status.




The Contemporaries 


We will focus on the arts and performance: music, art, drama and performance.


We aim to be aspirational and support our wellbeing through creative practice.


The arts will be used to promote communication and speaking.


We will emphasise fun and enjoyment through the arts.


We will ultimately allow expression to shine.