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Teacher Model if learning from home today

Step one: read through the 'Saving Motley Wood' story introduction.

How has the character and setting been described?

Step two: read through your introduction part of the plan.

Step three: use the 'Saving Motley Wood' introduction and your plan to help you write your own.

Look at Miss Hall's example below to help.

She looked at her plan to help her write.


Living in a village with open fields, Lucy took great delight in going to the nearby flowering meadow to watch the tortoiseshell butterflies collect nectar from the honey-scented buddleia flowers. She would do this every weekend morning. Nothing made her happier than watching their reddish-orange wings flutter through the sky before landing gracefully on the lilac-coloured flowers. When the sun was at its highest point in the sky, Lucy would get up from her viewing spot and head home for lunch.


“I’m back! What’s for lunch?” shouted Lucy as she opened the garden gate.

Mum was near the pond placing a Tartan blanket on the grass. She replied, “We’re having a picnic. Go and wash your hands before you eat please.”


noun phrases       magpie ideas



Use the scaffold below to help you write yours.

Can you magpie ideas from the text and use noun phrases?



Living in _______________, _______took great delight in going to __________________________ to watch __________________

__________________________ ___________________. ________ would do this __________________. Nothing made her happier than ____________ _______________________  before ______________________ _______________. When the sun was ____________________________, ___________________ and head home ____________.


“I’m back! ______________?” shouted ______ as ________________. _____________________________________. ______ replied, “We’re ____________. __________________________________.”