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Teacher model if learning from home today

Step one: read through the 'Saving Motley Wood' story ending.

Can you identify where fronted adverbials have been used? 

How has the main character been developed at the end of the story?

Step two: read through your ending part of the plan.

Step three: use the 'Saving Motley Wood' ending and your plan to help you write your own.

Look at Miss Hall's example below to help.

She looked at her plan to help her write.



Eight years later, the flying centre was finally built on unused farmland that was twenty minutes away from the meadow by car. Lucy, who was now a young lady, was so determined to protect the natural world and endangered species that she became a member of Greenpeace. Her mission was to try and stop people from destroying plant and animal habitats across the UK. How successful do you think she was?


fronted adverbials marked with a comma    main character developed


Use the scaffold below to help you write. Can you magpie ideas from the text, create your own fronted adverbials and develop your main character?


Eight years later, _____________________________________

___________________________________________________. ______, who was ___________,__________________________

____________________________________. Her mission ______

___________________________________. How ____________