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Talking Maths

This week in talking maths, we are going to be looking at ordering amounts of money.

Firstly, how many pence are there in a pound (£)?


How many pence are there in £4?

Now we know this we can begin to look at comparing different amounts of money whether they are shown in £ or p.


To help understand this we need to have a good understanding of place value. Below is a picture of the place value chart.



When comparing money we only go to 2 decimal places.

When comparing we need to make sure we write the numbers into the correct place.
Once we have correctly placed each number, we start from the left and compare which is bigger.

if they are equal then we move to the next place to the right.


Let’s have a look at one together.

Which is bigger £4.56 or £4.65?


First, write out the numbers in the place values.


O . t h

4 . 5 6

4 . 6 5

Staring with the ones column, which number is bigger? 
Neither, both are 4. So we now need to move to the tenths column.


Which number has more tenths?

The bottom number. 6 is greater than 5. This means that £4.65 is a greater amount than £4.56.



Which is the bigger amount of money?


  1. £9.90 or £9.09
  2. £8.00 or £8.80
  3. £2.55 or £5.52
  4. £6.57 or £6.75
  5. £3.23 or £3.32