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Mathematics 1st lesson

Comparing amounts 

Comparing Amounts Introduction Audio

Comparing amounts of money

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How much more is £3.20 than £2.30? 
£3.20 is 90p more than £2.30.

We know that £3 is always more than £2 


Let's learn 1 Audio

When comparing amounts look at all of the digits.

Start with the £s, then work across to the pence. 
Use your place value knowledge to help you work out the problems.

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A) 50p +1p+ 1p = 52p     20p+ 20P +20p = 60p 

which is more? Look at the tens in the total amount, then the ones. 

60p > 52p 

What is the difference? 60p-52p = 8p

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