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Reading at home

Helping your child to read at home.


Reading is at the heart of our school curriculum. We believe that reading provides children with many different opportunities and experiences. It encourages children to be independent thinkers, stimulates imagination and improves language and vocabulary skills. At Stoneyholme Primary School we aim to foster a love and passion for reading, where children read for pleasure and enjoyment.



There are many ways to support you child with their reading but the most important is to enjoy reading together. Sharing a book with your child is fun! Story time is perfect for relaxing and talking together. The children in Reception LOVE a good story book and we have many favourite authors.

Home reading books


Your child is given a home reading book from school and can change this every day. Their reading book will be matched to their current phonics phase. When your child has finished reading, please sign the white home reading record.


When reading with your child encourage them to hold the book and turn the pages. Look at the front cover, title and blurb. Use the pictures to make predictions about what they think might happen.




Ask questions!

Always ask your child as many questions as you can. Talk to them about what is happening in the story, how characters might be feeling and why. Can they link the story to their own experiences?




Letters, pictures and words are everywhere! We should encourage our children to find letters, words and even tricky words wherever we are. Make it fun, turn it into a word hunt or a game of I spy.


 There are so many opportunities, here are some examples...

Here are some more ideas of activities to try at home


Children have AMAZING imaginations. Children enjoy listening to their favourite stories but they also love making up new ones. See if you can create your own story at home with your child. It can be about anything, give it a try!