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Summer Term 2

In literacy this term we will be learning some classic poetry. We will be reading it and considering the meanings of some of the archaic vocabulary and learning to recite the poems using tone and intonation.


The Spider and the Fly poem




In Maths we will be learning about angles, lines and the perimeter of shapes.


We shall be active in our learning by moving around the school and playground taking notice of the angles that we turn in order.  This will then help us when we are looking at different angles in shapes.  




We will learn the names of lines and how to identify them in shapes.





We will also be learning how to find the perimeter of a 2d shape.  




Light and shadows



We will learn that we need light in order to see things and notice that light is reflected from surfaces.


We will explore and describe how shadows are formed when the light from a light source is blocked by an opaque object.


Also we plan to explore and explain how  to find patterns in the way that the size of shadows change.


This term in history we will be studying the Pendle Witches. We will learn that these women were not the creatures you read about in stories, with pointed black hats and broomsticks, but often older women who had skills with herbs and natural medicines.



In RE we are entering a competition called 'Art in Heaven'.  The children will use their knowledge from other areas of their RE studies and create a beautiful piece of art work using and applying their printing skills.

ICT -  Computer science


We will be learning to design a sequence of instructions, including directional instructions in order to write programs.

PE - Athletics.


We shall be doing lots of fun activities to develop our fitness.


We will learn different techniques in throwing, running and jumping and hopefully show these all off in our amazing school sports day.





In PSHCE we will be learning about Basic First Aid and Money


In Basic First Aid, we will learn how to react and respond if there is an accident and how to deal with minor injuries e.g. scratches, grazes, burns.  As well as learning what to do in an emergency, including calling for help and speaking to the emergency services.

When  learning about money we will learn to understand the different ways to pay for things and the choices people have about this and to recognise that people have different attitudes towards saving and spending money, thinking about what influences people’s decisions and what makes something ‘good value for money’.