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Summer Term 2

During Summer - Term 2 our theme is 

Power and Glory



During Summer term 2, we will be using out Maths No Problem scheme of work. In year 5, our main focus will be area and perimeter, volume and roman numerals.



Our literacy focus this half term will be Classic Narrative Poetry and writing a Non-Chronological report linked to our history topic focus of Ancient Egypt.

During the 7 weeks, we will be immersing ourselves in a range of Classic Narrative poems.



During this half term, we will be focusing on, the achievements of the earliest civilisations - an overview of when the first civilisations appeared and an in depth study of Ancient Egypt. 



During this half term, we will be focusing on our 'Art in Heaven' competition. We will be designing a artistic picture linked to a religious theme.



During this half term, we will be creating a photo story using the iPads to explore the aspects of digital art. Our photo stories will be linked to to our history topic of Ancient Egypt.



During this half term, we will be aiming to understand and investigate the use of graphic design through the use of ICT.



Our theme this half term, is Healthy body, Healthy mind and Healthy me. We will be aiming to understand the important aspects and strategies to stay healthy on a daily basis.