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Summer Term 2

Our topic this term will be....



During this term, the children will be studying the English author Clive King and his best known story Stig of the Dump, which is about a boy who discovers a stone-age caveman living at the bottom of a chalk pit. The children will be analysing characters thoughts, feelings and motives for actions as well as discussing Clive King's use of similes to capture the reader's imagination.

They will be applying previously taught skills to write a newspaper recount on Stig's discovery and create their own chapter within the story based on Barney's experience with the Snargets.


The children will be learning about the water cycle. They will investigate how water moves from Earth's surface into the atmosphere and back again. They will be applying previously taught knowledge on changes of state, linked to temperature, to explain how water is able to move in a continuous cycle. 

After this, they will learn about the current issues facing the water cycle and how changes to weather patterns, due to climate change, is impacting on our world. 

Does change always make things better?

The children will be writing water pledges to show their commitment to looking after one of our most precious natural resources. 




Following the Charanga scheme, the children will continue to appreciate, perform and compose music. They will be mastering producing sounds from aural memory and performing in unison. 


To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Year 4 learned how to play God Save the Queen on the glockenspiel. 

Here is one group's performance.

God Save the Queen Performance

Still image for this video


Creating a Podcast

We are using Garage band to create a podcast using the theme of cyberbullying. We will record our own voices and edit the recording. We will then add music and create fades.

Cyber bullying