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Summer Term 1

Our learning this term in English will be based on the historical figure of Boudicca.

We will be using our knowledge of the Iron Age Celts from last term to write a narrative based on part of Boudicca's life. We will be building vocabulary skills and we will have lots of opportunities to explore the language and use it in short bursts of writing.

This term in science we will be learning about Forces and Magnets.

We will explore and describe how objects move on different surfaces.


Also we plan to explore and explain how objects attract and repel, in relation to objects and other magnets.

We will compare and group together a variety of everyday materials on the basis of whether they are attracted to a magnet and identify some magnetic materials.



In Maths, we will be learning how to read, understand and represent data in tally charts and bar charts.  We will look at a variety of different scales and become super confident in answering questions by looking at the information in the charts.





We will also be learning about fractions.  We will be counting in tenths, adding fractions and learning about equivalent fractions.  We shall use the bar model to help us become confident with fractions.  If we know the times tables   (year 2 -x2 x5 x10      year 3 - x3 x4 x8)  then fractions is a lot easier.




In geography Year 3 will be comparing Lancashire with another county. The children will have the opportunity to learn about maps and compasses along the way developing their field skills work. The children will explore the similarities and differences and investigating the human and physical features of both counties. 






In Engineering, we will be making a healthy snack. 


We shall learn about the importance of a balanced healthy diet and taste test a selection of delicious healthy foods. 








We are learning about E Safety , we will understand the need for caution when using an internet search for images and what to do if we find anything unsuitable.  Also we will learn to  use a range of software  to collect and present information.


RE - Islam


We will learn about the importance of the prophet Muhammad for the Islamic community and why he is seen to be a good role model.



We are linking our PSHCE to ICT and learning about media literacy and digital resilience.  The children will learn many skills such as:  to understand how the internet can be used positively for leisure, for school and for work and to develop strategies to recognise whether something they see online is true or accurate.


We are also linking PSHCE to Engineering where we will learn how not eating a balanced diet can affect health, including the impact of too much sugar/acidic drinks on dental health.



Striking and fielding - Cricket and Rounders.


We will be learning the skills need to play Cricket and Rounders.

How to throw a ball with speed and accuracy, catch safely, run with speed and have fun by supporting your team.