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Summer Term 1


Our topic this term will be… 

Myths and Legends




We will begin this term by exploring a range of legends, but our main focus will be learning the interesting legend of Robin Hood! A famous outlaw who lived in medieval England. 


The children will delve straight into the story and use write their own legend!  


To enhance their speaking and writing they will use talk for writing frames such as:

as a result, meanwhile, later on, whilst, unfortunately, luckily and during. 






In Maths, we will be exploring number and place value of 3 digit numbers. The children will be taught to partition numbers and find number related calculations for given 3 digit numbers.  


In calculation this term the children will be learning to count forwards and backwards in steps of 8. We will also be introducing the column method of addition and subtraction alongside the use of place value counters, dienes and number lines 





In Science, we are finding out about flowering plants, investigating the functions for each part. We shall be observing plants and finding out what they need to grow and be healthy. 



In geography Year 3 will be comparing Lancashire with another county. The children will have the opportunity to learn about maps and compasses along the way developing their field skills work. The children will explore the similarities and differences and investigating the human and physical features of both counties. 





In Art, we shall observe the flowering plants.  By using different grades of pencil we will make the drawings of our plants look like 3d images.