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Summer Term 1

Rachel's Washday

Our topic this term is all about life in the past.



In literacy we have been learning the story Rachel's Washday. We have been acting out the story and re-telling it in the role play area.

"It is Monday. Monday is washday. Early in the morning Rachel fills the bucket with water. In the wash house Mam lights the fire to boil the water. It takes a long time for the water to get hot. When the water is hot, Mam puts it into the dolly tub with the dirty clothes. Swish, swash, swish, swash, swish, swash. Mam twists the dolly..."


A child retelling Rachel's Washday

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In numeracy we will be learning...

Number and place value


Properties of shapes



Picture 1
Picture 2


We are learning about plants and trees in the local area. We have planted our own seeds and they have started growing!


Year 1 Growing plants from seeds

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In the last week of this term Year 1 went on a Seasons walk. We looked for signs of Spring and we talked about the effect that the weather has on plants and animals. These are a selection of the photos from our walk.

Season Walk

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We have been investigating objects from the past and explaining what they might be for. We visited Astley Hall and found out more about life in the past. We sequenced four artefacts from different periods of time. We asked and answered questions about old and new objects.


Y1 Astley hall

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