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Summer Term 1

During Summer – Term 1, our theme is ‘Lancashire to Hollywood’. We will have fantastic learning opportunities whilst reading Dodie Smith’s famous novel.




During this half term, we will be studying older literature through Dodie Smith's famous novel, 101 Dalmatians. We will base our reading and writing around the novel and write our own innovated versions.

The Hundred and One Dalmatians (101 Dalmatians) by [Smith, Dodie]




This half term, we will be revising mathematical concepts including; number and place value, calculation, measurement, fractions and decimals, statistics and geometry.



In geography, we will be using ordinance survey maps to read 6 figure grid references. 


In science, we will be studying properties and changes of materials. We will lead scientific enquires surrounding changes of state, reversible and irreversible changes and materials for specific purposes.