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Summer Term 1

This term our topic was...

Animals and other living things



In Literacy, our first unit was discussion texts which is a balanced argument. We read and analysed a range of discussion texts before writing one themed around the environment and the human impact on animal and plant habitats. 

Do humans impact on the environment in a damaging way?

Invention Discussion Texts: Should tourism be banned in areas where ecosystems are under threat?

Our second unit focused on journalistic writing.

Did you know that 503 new species were discovered by Natural History Museum scientists in 2020?  Well, we produced a newspaper report on the discovery of a new animal! Take a look at our reports.

Innovated Newspaper Recounts: Discovery of a hybrid animal


In Maths, the children developed their our knowledge on fractions. They  looked at mixed numbers and improper fractions. 

The children also looked at short division, telling time and using bar/line charts (statistics).


In Music this term, we explored using the glockenspiel on our iPads. Using Charanga, we began to play along to songs before performing them in class.

Through Music, the children made links to ICT. They composed and recorded their own music on GarageBand.


During this half term, the children in year 4 looked at orienteering and dance. Within these sports, the children learnt how to work better as a team and portray a narrative through a sequence of movements. They looked at using grids and maps in to find locations.