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Summer 2

Something is going to appear in the classroom...



In Literacy, we will be reading lots of non-fiction text, finding information about dinosaurs from the internet and from books. We will be making an information book about dinosaurs. 


During Maths, we will be expanding on our doubling and halving. We will be exploring how to count on and back using a number line. Using our calculation knowledge, we will be completing lots of problem solving.


Our Shape, Space and Measure aspect of maths will be learning all about money and consolidating all of the different aspects linked to shape, space and measure.



                              In our learning about The World,

  we will be reading these stories to help develop our Eco Awareness and discussing the things we can do to  help look after our planet.


We will try to answer our key question. 


Who does the world belong to? 


We will also be looking at the features of our own environment and how they might be the similar and different. 


In ICT, we will be completing some programming and coding using the Beebots and Codapillars. 




In Expressive Art and Design, the children will be exploring how to add texture to a picture. We will also be looking at how to create different tones.