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Summer 1



Stories with Issues and Dilemmas


Year 4 looked at The Balaclava and Saving Motley wood. Through these stories, we investigated the issues and dilemmas and how these are resolved. Then we used these texts to inform our own stories with issues and dilemmas linked to everyday life. 



Striking and Fielding: Cricket

We will demonstrate bowling underarm with accuracy and consistency. We will also learn how to strike a Cricket ball off a tee or drop feed using a Cricket bat. We will demonstrate how to catch and throw a Cricket ball when fielding. Finally, we will aim to use all the skills and tactics demonstrated and apply them into a modified Cricket game. 

Bowling techniques 🎾

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Striking and fielding 🏏🎾

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Italy Study


   In Geography, we will be studying the country of Italy. We will look at the human and physical features including major cities, volcanoes, tourist attractions, rivers and lakes. We will learn about the economy of Italy and the goods they produce and send to other parts of the world. We will then look at one area: Tuscany and compare it the the area in which we live: Lancashire.













In Art, we concentrated on collage and using a variety of materials to practise the skills of sharp cutting, tearing, scrunching and twisting. We  also used rubbings taken from the school environment and colour washes. We first tried out our skills by producing a landscape.

We then looked at the work of Richard Hamilton and Peter Blake, pop artists. 

Using this pop art style, we linked our work to our learning about climate change and produce a split page collage showing how global warning is affecting our world.



   During our engineering lessons, we continued to produce a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry in textiles.

We followed the skills of an engineer - investigating, designing, making and evaluating.

We developed control of a needle and thread and join fabrics using running stitch, over sewing, back stitch. We made a fastening too!



We looked at how to keep our teeth healthy and we used our learning to advise a year 2 child on how to look after their teeth focusing on the concept question: ' Does change make things better?'



We planted our seeds for our healthy farm product, we have planted chives, coriander, onions and garlic. 


During our RE lessons, we learnt about why Muslims fast during Ramadan. We linked our learning to the 5 pillars of Islam and how Muslims show commitment to their faith.