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Summer 1

This half term our story to tell is 'The Little Red Hen' 



In Literacy, we will be learning the story with actions, creating a story map and innovating on the story.

We will then create a new story map with our new characters and setting.





We will be reading the story of ' The Great Chicken Mystery'. In Engineering,  the children will be designing hen houses to stop the naughty fox 

getting to the hens. 


To link with our Expressive Art and Design, the we will be learning different ways to join materials and developing various finishing techniques. 


We will be reading the story of Egg Drop and making an egg carrier, we will think about the materials that we are going to use to make sure our egg is protected.





Our egg carries🥚

To link with our learning about The World,we will be looking at animals and different life cycles. 


We will be discussing the similarities and differences of animals, what they need and how to care for them. The children will be creating their own posters on how to look after different animals. 


We are going to link this learning to Article 27 of the and discuss what we need and how this is the same or different to what animals need.


We will also be observing and discussing the seasonal changes that happen in Spring. We will exploring our school grounds and looking for signs of Spring. We will also be planting some seeds. 


Our spring walk around the school grounds

Observational drawing and paintings of daffodils 🌼

Planting sunflower seeds 🌻

Our posters about how to care for pets

During our ICT, we will be learning how to operate Bee-bots. 

We will be using the ipads to photograph and record videos our animals, and learning how to review these.


Using Bee-Bots and the iPad app

Our key question for the term is; 



Who does the world belong to? 






Our PSED learning will include reading stories which will promote discussions about sharing our world. 




We will be looking at our environment and how we can make it a better place. 


We will be linking these discussions to Article 24- Every child has the right to good quality heath care, clean water and good food.



Our pledges on how to improve the environment

Our poster about improving our environment

During Maths, we will be developing our calculating, learning more about addition and subtraction. We will the part-part and whole method to assist with reading calculations.  We will be exploring how to calculate using 10 frames. We will also be learning how to work out number stories and problems. 


We are going to learn about sharing numbers into equal groups. 


Our Shape, Space and Measure aspect of maths will be learning our 3D shapes and looking at the different properties.  

Addition and using 10 frames

3D shapes

During Music, the children will be exploring different types of music and listening and discussing funk music. 

We will be exploring rhythm and playing different musical instruments too.