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Spring Term 2

As a cross curricular piece of learning this term we are this term we wrote about 

the Iron Age Celts.

We produced an information leaflets part of our

literacy and history.


We applied for the job as a museum curator at the Stoneyholme Museum. We learned to read like a writer. Through researching the Iron Age Celts and writing information about them using complex sentences, we became experts about the Iron Age Celts. We wrote a number of short writes, including a poem!


We continued to learn about grammar, punctuation and spelling, following the year 3 curriculum.





In Maths, we learned to recognise different coins and their value as well as adding and subtracting amounts of money.  It is a life time skill so if you have the opportunity whilst shopping to ask 'How much does this cost?' 'How much change will I get?' This will really support you child's learning.





We also learned about time.  We revised o'clock, half past, quarter past and too as well as learning how to tell the time to the nearest minute.

In Science, we learned about Plants.  We learned to identify and describe the functions of different parts of flowering plants: roots, stem/trunk, leaves and flowers. 

During Science week we set up experiments, asked questions and made relevant observations of how plants grew in different situations.


In Engineering we will be investigating levers in Summer 1.

We shall investigate different levers within pop-up books then we will design and create our own using sheet materials, being able to join and combine to create movement using varied techniques, such as slots, shapes and linkages.

This will be taught when we return to school.


In Music this term we used the website Charanga. We learned about beat, pulse and rhythm through a variety of different types of music. We learned to appreciate the music we listen to.




In Year 3 we aim to deliver a balanced and broadly based curriculum which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of our pupils, and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.


We learned about Children's Rights: Article 14- Every child has the right think and believe what they want.


In P.E. we learned different skills from the PE Curriculum. We will take part in Gymnastic, Athletics, Dance, and Games activities.


Still image for this video

In Well-being, we will be exploring lots of different exercises and activities that will help develop physical and emotional well-being.

Our fab well-being work!

In PSHEE, we will be learning about Respectful Relationships and Communities.

We will understand what it means to treat others, and be treated, politely and to understand the reasons for rules and laws with school and the community.