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Spring Term 1


We will be reading a range of non-chronological reports, identifying ways in which information can be presented in different ways. We will use examples to help write our own linked to our work in Science and Geography.


We will be learning to read pictographs with confidence. We will star with pictures with value of 1 then move on to pictographs with a value greater than 1.

We will also be learning about UK money so we understand the value of coins and notes and can use our understanding and previous skills to solve problems.

Please show your child the different coins and notes you use when going to the shops.


We will be using simple equipment to observe and describe how plants grow from seeds and bulbs. We will learn what plants need in order to grow and stay healthy.


We will use technology safely to retrieve, change and organise digital content.


We will use atlases, globes and aerial photographs to explore a non-European place, then use what we have learned to state similarities and differences with what we already learned about Burnley in Year 1.


We will answer the questions 'How do we respond to things that really matter?' and 'How and why do symbols show us what is important in religion?'

We will be investigating what Buddhists use to create a shrine, how and why they meditate and consider ways we can keep ourselves calm.

We will use words including warmth, wisdom, knowledge sharing, caring and valuing. 


We will arrange collect, sort, name and arrange shapes appropriately to create an image. We will fold, tear, crumple and overlap papers at different scales.


We will also name, match and draw lines and marks from our observations. We will then investigate inventing our own lines and marks. We will observe and draw shapes investigating tone by drawing light and dark lines, patterns and shapes.


This half term, we will be improvising on various instruments to compose our own music which we hope to perform to the rest of the school and our parents. Watch this space!


We will continue to develop our understanding of being safe online, learning what to do if we feel unsafe, who to talk to and what vocabulary to use.


We will also be learning about being healthy including how medicine can be used safely to help people stay healthy. We will learn the basics of First Aid, who to call for help and what to say.


We will explore a range of actions related to activities at the seaside and in a seaside village. We will perform a dance phrase showing movements of the ocean and explore body shapes and movements which communicate different creatures found at the seaside.