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Spring Term 1




In Literacy this half term we shall be learning about play scripts and poetry.


The children shall be emerged with reading, acting out a variety of plays.

They shall take on the role of a character and learn how to use tone an intonation to change their voice when becoming a character.


We shall be linking our poetry to mental heath week.  The children will be thinking about their feelings and reading lots of poetry about different emotions.  


We have also had a visit from Alan Durant the author of Burger boy, Dear Mermaid and Billy Monsters Daymare. Where we had the opportunity to listen to Alan and ask him lots of questions.






This term, the children in Year 3 will be learning how to read scales within different units of measure.


We shall learn about length, weight, volume and capacity.

The children will have practical lessons in the STEAM Hub as well as learning to read scales in a variety of different situations.

Then they shall apply their knowledge in a range of problem solving situations.




Religious Education.


In RE we have been learning about the Sikh religion. 

We visited the Sikh Gurdwara in Preston to learn more about what Sikh believe.


Magnets and forces


In Science, we are finding out about magnets and forces. We are investigating the strength of forces and magnetic and non-magnetic materials.


We linked are learning of art to metal health week.

We thought about "What makes us happy?"


We planned, designed and then created printing blocks.

Then using the primary colours or colour mixing we painted a background. We then used our printing blocks and rollers to create on overlay.