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Spring Term 1

Handa's Surprise





In Spring 1 term, we will learn the story of Handa's Surprise. Here is the start of the story:

"Handa put seven delicious fruits in a basket for her friend Akeyo. She will be surprised, thought Handa, as she set off for Akeyo's village. I wonder which fruit she will like the best? Will she like the soft yellow banana or..."


We  have read information texts all about animals. 




Number and place value


Properties of shapes



In Year 1 we like to use practical activities to strengthen the understanding of concepts. 






To be able to identify and name a variety of common animals.

Describe and compare the structure of a variety of common animals.

To name animals by what they eat - herbivore, carnivore and omnivore.


We will also observe the changes across the four seasons.

DT / Engineering

We will make a fruit salad.

We will learn to cut, peel, grate and chop a range of fruits.


We will print with a range of hard and soft materials.

        We created simple printing blocks and designed repetitive patterns.


To make good use of a range of resources when improvising and composing on various instruments.

RRS: Article 13 (Freedom of expression): Children have the right to freedom of expression [which] includes the right to share information in any way they choose.



We will learn about Sikhism (Dharam) and think about how people find out about God.

RRS: Article 14 (Freedom of thought, conscience and religion): Children have the right to think and believe what they want and to practise their religion.