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Spring Term 1

During Spring  – Term 1, our theme was a history based topic, ‘Ancient Egypt’. We were looking forward to follow in the footsteps of Howard Carter and discover the magic in this wonderful period of world history.



We covered a lot during this half term through fiction, persuasion and recount writing. The ancient Egyptians was an amazing and intriguing focus for our writing.



This half term, we revised mathematical concepts including; number and place value, calculation, measurement, fractions and decimals, statistics and geometry.





Our history theme allowed us to understand the lives of the ancient Egyptians. We studied their lives through primary and secondary sources to build a picture of this intriguing period of history.





In science we investigated the science of flight which lead us onto taking part in the glider challenge for Fly to the line.




Fly to the Line

We built our own gliders in school, aiming to glide them in an 'in school' competition. The winners (the gliders that travel the furthest) from each class progressed to a regional final at Bury Transport Museum.