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Spring Term 1

During Spring - Term 1 our theme is 

Out of this World



During Spring term 1 will be using out Maths No Problem scheme of work. In year 5, our main focus will be different concepts of fractions, more specifically:

  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Multiplying fractions by whole numbers
  • Converting fractions from a improper to a mixed number
  • Converting fraction from a mixed number to an improper
  • Diving fractions to find equivalents 




Our literacy focus this half term will be Science Fiction interlinked with Poetry.


During the 6 weeks, we will be immersing ourselves in a range of Science Fiction stories. Our focus story of E.T. By the end of the 6 weeks children will have written their own innovated versions of the E.T. story, in order to prepare their imagination for an independent piece of writing.




This half term, we will be looking at Space. The children will have a fantastic opportunity to visit the Young Science Centre in Preston. Throughout this unit, we will be explaining the process of how how night and day occurs, the movement of the moon and earth relative to the sun and exploring the planets in our solar system.




Our key question throughout the year in RE is ' Where can people find guidance on how to live their lives?' During this half term we will be looking at Judaism. The children will be investigating the Torah, in order to understand and learn from the ways Jews treat their scriptures.




During this half term, we will focus on our press printing techniques.


With our focus being on space, the children will display the process of the Sun, Moon and Earth in its orbit. 



During this half term, we will be looking at game designing. Using Purple Mash, children will design a multi-level game to challenge the highest of gamers.




Our theme this half term, is Building for the Future. We are learning to express our views confidently and understanding how to resolve and make the correct choices in a variety of circumstances.