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Spring 2

This half term we will be continuing with our learning linking to the Supertato theme



In Literacywe will be changing our story to tell with a new setting and different characters. We will be creating a new story map and writing some of our very own Superhero stories using the tales toolkit symbols. 



Look what arrived in the post ... all of your wonderful letters!
The teachers really enjoyed looking at your work and reading your fantastic stories. 

During Engineering, the children will be designing and making

traps to try and capture the naughty evil pea!


We will also be writing instructions on how to make a trap. 

During Maths, we will be representing amounts using own marks and symbols. We will be learning how to double numbers up to 5 and how to share objects into equal parts. We will be developing our number sense and developing our understanding of using a 10 frame. We will be arranging large groups of objects into a group of 10 and another group. 


Our Shape, Space and Measure aspect of maths will include learning the different properties of shape and looking at pattern. We will be continuing a pattern and creating a our own repeating patterns. 


As part of our learning about The World, we will be doing some fun and exciting science.



There will be lots of different experiments inside and outside the classroom which will create lots of awe and wonder and wow moments! 

The children will be making predictions and recording our experiments using the ipads. 

During our ICT, we will be continuing to learn about

how to be safe when using technology. We will be listening to stories of Digi duck and helping him to make the right decisions about being safe online. 
When we return to school we will be using chatterpix to record audio.


During RE, we will be reading lots of stories from the Bible. We will be looking at the different features of a church and how it is a special place for Christians. 


The children will be learning about the Hindu festival of Holi. This is the festival colour and celebration of spring and new beginnings. 


The story of Holi links with our PSED learning. We will be looking at behaviour, consequences and forgiveness. 




We will be discussing our key question in more detail:


Should you do the right thing even if others don’t?


We will be comparing the different festivals, celebrations and religions we have learnt about. The children will be thinking about how the celebrations are similar and different. 

During Music, the children will be exploring and listening to different types of music and moving in different ways to music. 

We will be learning lots of new songs too. 


We will also  be exploring and learning to play the Indian Drums. We will be looking at keeping the beat, playing the drum in fast and slow tempo.