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Spring 1

This term we have been using the story 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra to enhance our environment and learning. 



He is a special kind of potato who helps save all his vegetable friends from the evil peas.  We have be learning the story of by heart using lots of actions, pictures and a story map. The children will be writing letters to Supertato and making wanted posters. We have also designed  and made traps to try and catch the evil pea! 


The evil pea appeared in our classroom!!


He has trapped our super veggies. The children have received a letter from Supertato asking the children to help capture the evil pea and for the children to begin their superhero training! 


We have been looking at different ways to be healthy. 

Some children made healthy food with playdough.


Article 24: Every child has the right to the best possible health.

Whilst outside, we have been completing various challenges such as superhero exercise trails, tug of wars and dodge the laser beams! 

Caroline from the library service, came to tell us some superhero stories. The evil pea had sent a letter with Caroline. He had been up to his naughty tricks again...he had frozen poor carrot! 


The children decided to write to supertato asking for his help. 



Have a look at our own evil peas! 

Some children painted their own superheros

Then the children began making themselves into superheros! First, they designed their costume and then used the resources to make it! 

The children have been learning the story of Supertato using actions. They went to the green screen with Mr Ejaz to film it. 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Evil pea strikes again! He had trapped the Super Tomato in the jar.  During maths, the children had to try and make a ladder tall enough to get Super Tomato out. 

Supertato arrived at school.. but we had a problem! The evil pea had trapped him in a jar!

The children decided enough was enough and began designing traps to try and capture the evil pea! We then went over to our STEAM hub to make our designs into traps.



We have been learning about how Chinese New Year is celebrated. The children looked at lots of information books and different chinese artefacts.




The children painted blossom trees like they have in China




We visited a local supermarket to buy some ingredients to make some Chinese food with. 

The children helped prepare the food by chopping up all the different vegetables. The children enjoyed eating it too! 

We visited Hurstwood Church in Worsthorne. We travelled to the church on our school minibuses. During our visit, the children listened to John and learnt why Christians go to church.  We compared where the church was to Stoneyholme. The children noticed that there were lots of fields and animals; but not many houses. 


Article 14: Ever child has the right to think and believe what they choose and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights.


The children were able to make comparisons between the different cultures and religions we have been learning about so far. They understood that not everyone believes the same but we must respect their choices and be tolerant to all.