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Spring 1


Film and Playscripts

This term we will be learning about film and Playscripts. We will begin by reading a range of playscripts including Hansel and Gretel and Little Red Riding Hood. We will be practicing how to read and perform a range of playscripts with intonation, tone, volume and action . Then, we will begin our focus text called The Little match girl. 

  We will then be working on writing a Non-Chronological report. We will first learn the features of this type of writing and then write our own text based on our History work.


  We will continue learning about calculating and moving on to more formal methods to help us with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will then be looking at data handling. This means we will be finding information from charts and graphs. We will be finding out how each one works. 


You need to continue learning your times tables.


   In History, we will be learning about the Anglo Saxons. We will find out how they came to Britain, how they lived and what they believed in. We will find out about the king Alfred The Great and why he became famous. 

We will also find out about something called the Bayeux Tapestry. Have you heard of this. Maybe you could do some research.


Link to concept questions, 



Is power always a positive thing?


Does change always make things better?


In Science we will be learning about how sounds travel to our ears. We will find out about how sounds are made and what happens when a sound travels away from its source.

We will also explore the ideas of pitch and volume. 

As part of this learning, you will carry out an experiment. Are you ready to test your ideas?


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We will learn how to keep ourselves safe in different situations. We will also learn about the different groups that make up our community and what living in a community means. 


Link to concept questions, 


What does it mean to be a citizen?


Is being part of a community the same for everyone? 



In RE, we will continue to explore the question, 

What does 'love your neighbour' really mean? 

We will find out the meaning of the word, 'agape' and how Christians show this in the modern world. 

We will find out about the life and work of Mother Theresa and you will be making posters to explain about charity.

Link to concept question, 

              Is being part of a community the same for everyone? 


Article 14:  Every child has the right to think and believe what they choose and also to practise their religion, as long as they are not stopping other people from enjoying their rights.



As Gymnasts, we will develop ways of travelling, jumping and rolling. We will be balancing using small and large body parts and will create a sequence of travelling, balancing, jumping and rolling actions. We will suggest ways of improvement and make judgements on qualities of performances.

Travelling, balancing and creating sequences 🤸

Net & Wall: Badminton and Tennis

We will demonstrate a forehand and backhand shot with consistency. We will direct a shuttlecock and tennis ball to partners to perform rallies. We will also demonstrate simple tactics and incorporate points in a game situation.

Throwing and catching developing into a small sided game. 🎾

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