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Spring 1

To link with our Health and Self Care aspect of our curriculum, we will be using the Supertato books to help us learn how about healthy eating and how to keep fit.

We will be doing lots of Superhero training to prepare for the arrival of the evil pea!!!

Fruit animals

During this half term, we are going to use the story of Supertato to help us become authors!



In Literacy,we will be looking at different stories; discussing the beginning, middle and end. 



We will be using the tales toolkit symbols to help us become authors. The children will be learning the different things a story needs; character, setting, problem and resolution. 


Which is your favourite character? Supertato or the Evil Pea?

Who is your hero? Does a hero need to have super powers?

We have been practising our describing words to describe fruit and vegetables.

Describing onions ... I get the feeling onions are not our favourite vegetable! 😂

Our describing sentences

To link with our PSED aspect of our curriculum and our PSHCE

we will be working together cooperatively to create superhero costumes in our Superhero HQ!

We will be discussing personal qualities that make us heroes and developing our confidence and learning to be brave whilst completing the bravery challenge! 


We will reflect on the naughty evil pea, and discuss how our own actions affect others. 



Our key question for this term is:



Should you do the right thing even if others don’t?






Our Rights Respecting Articles this half term are:


Article 24- Every child has the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help you stay well. 

Article 29 - Every child has the right to develop your talents and abilities. 


Fatima and Alex drew pictures about their special talents.

In Maths, we will be recognising and ordering numbers to 15 and labelling different amounts. We will be practising our calculating and learning one more/fewer than a given number as well as comparing different sets of objects. 


Our Shape Space and Measure aspect of maths will include learning about money and using the 1p coin, learning 3D shapes, and looking at volume and capacity. 




3D shape hunt


 During RE, the children will be learning about a different celebration that take place around the world. 


    The children will be learning about Chinese New Year.




We will be looking at the story of Chinese New Year and how the festival is celebrated. We are hoping to go shopping for ingredients to make some chinese food to try!!


To link with our Expressive Art and Design, the children will be taking part in some dragon dancing. 

We took a quiz to see how much we had learnt about Chinese New Year

We drew labels for the characters from the Chinese Zodiac story, and wrote a sentence to show which we animal we liked best.

Chinese decorations and dragons

We will also be making some Supertato art.

Challenge: Make a superveg but you still have to be able to eat it when you've finished

During our learning about The World, we will be looking at Winter.

We will also be looking at freezing and melting. The children will be making smoothies and then making these into ice lollies to explore  changing states. 


During ICT,the children will be using a drawing package to turn themselves into Superheros and learning how to use the Chatterpix app. 




Winter pictures ❄️

Freezing and melting

Making smoothies

Using a drawing package to create a superhero costume

Our Expressive Art and Design will include opening our Superhero Head quarters for the children to play imaginative and become a superhero! 


The children will have to design a superhero costume and use various tools and techniques to join and assemble it together. 

We will also be completing some observational drawings of fruit and vegetables as well as different collage and printing. We will be also learning different finishing techniques. 



In Music the children will be learning to keep a beat, copy rhythms and identify high and low sounds (known as pitch) They will also be learning some common nursery rhymes.

Observational drawings of fruit

In Well-being, we will be exploring lots of different exercises and activities that will help develop physical and emotional well-being.

Our fantastic well-being work!

 In P.E., we will be learning lots of different skills from the PE Curriculum. We will take part in Fundamental movement skills, Gymnastic, Athletics, Dance, and Games activities. 

Our amazing PE work!