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We are going to continue learning about suffixes.

Watch carefully

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We are going to look at adding the suffix '-est', '-er'.


Look at these adjectives.


rude, brave, nice, late, ripe


When we add the suffix '-er' or '-est' we need to take off the 'e'.


Let's look


rude - ruder, rudest


brave - braver, bravest


Now you try adding the suffix '-er' and '-est' to these root words.


nice, late, ripe


Now write each new word 3 times in your handwriting book.


nicer, nicer, nicer

nicest, nicest, nicest

later, later, later

latest, latest, latest

riper, riper, riper

ripest, ripest, ripest


If you are learning at home, write these in your blended learning book and send a picture to your teacher.