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Wednesday 4th November 2020

L.C: To explain how sound is made.

L.C: To explain how sound travels to the ear from a source

Let's investigate

Using the elastic band, make noises. 

What do you notice?

How is the elastic band making a noise?



Watch this video. 

What is happening?

Rice and rhythm

Still image for this video

Write about what is happening to the rice, explain what is causing the rice to move.


The rice is ______________________________________ because




Next watch the video below about How Sound is Made.

How Do We Hear?

Sounds are made when objects vibrate.

The vibration makes the air around the object vibrate and the air vibrations enter your ear - you hear them as sounds.

You cannot always see the vibrations, but if something is making a sound, some part of it is always vibrating.


Sound waves travel through the air down the ear to the ear drum. When the vibrations hit the ear drum, this sends a message to the brain that changes the vibrations into sounds.

Your task

Using the information in this lesson, create a poster to explain how we hear sounds.

Use key vocabulary and diagrams to make your poster clear and eye-catching.

Key Vocabulary


Sound waves

particles      molecules

vibrate         vibration