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Sensory Activities

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DIY Texture Sensory Wall 
Using different materials and a large piece of cardboard, have a go at building a texture sensory wall. 🧱
Smashing Egg Shells!!

Adults will prepare the egg shells by piercing and draining 4 eggs. After that use a toy hammer 🔨 or wooden spoon to hit the egg shells 🥚. 

Enjoy smashing them into peices!

Bubble Wrap Run
Onto the floor, tape down a long peice of bubble wrap. Explore different ways of moving along it - maybe you will choose to run, hop, slide or roll. Have fun exploring!
Trucks and Oats
Put oats or cereal into a large container.  Add toy vehicles and scoops to this bin. Move your vehicles around and enjoy exploring this taste-safe sensory bin. 
Scrunching  Paper
Using your hands scrunch paper into a ball. How many can you do?
Threading Pipecleaners
Thread pipecleaners through a colander.  How many can you do?
Spaghetti Cutting 
Using a pair of scissor cut up spaghetti.  Enjoy!
Colour Sorting 
Sort objects around your home into the same colours. 
Foam Maze
Use foam or something similar to make a maze and use a small object to follow it. 
Squishy Fishy Aquarium
Fill half a zip lock bag with coloured water. Next, add a sea creature to the bag. Seal it well and stick it up on the wall. Now watch your sea creature carefully - does it move around?