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Science 4th Lesson

Science Monday 1st March 2021

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Monday 1st March 2021

L.C. To group material based on their states of matter



In science we are going to be looking at state of matter.


There are 3 different states of matter. These are:





Solids - A solid material has a definite shape that remains the same unless a forced is acted upon it. The particles in a solid are rotating, vibrating or moving about a fixed position, close to each other. 


Liquids - A liquid has no fixed shape but a fixed volume. It takes on the shape of its container. The particles in a liquid move more and have more energy than particles in a solid but still remain in close contact with each other. Different liquids behave in different ways, some move more easily than others - they are less viscous.


Gases - A gas has no fixed shape or volume and will always spread out to fill the container it is in. The particles have a lot of energy, moving around in a random way, hitting other particles and the walls of the container.


Below is a diagram of what the particles would look like of each state of mater and how they would look in a container.



Watch the video then read the information on the link below.



Your activity


Using what you now know go onto Seesaw and drag the images of materials into the correct column of the table.