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Wednesday 10th March 2021

L.C.  To describe how materials can change state.



Today we are going to take a step back and focus on the changes between Solids and Liquids.


First lets watch the following video.

Adventure Academy Freezing and Melting

Still image for this video

Freezing is the process of turning a Liquid into a Solid. We do this by cooling down the liquid past it's freezing point. When the liquid cools down the particles slow down and lose their energy. They also come closer together- making a fixed shape. 



What has happened to the ice cube that was put onto your desk?


It should have or be melting. 


Melting is the process of turning a Solid into a Liquid. By heating up the solid to or past its melting point the particles become heated causing them to have more energy. It's this energy that causes them to break the boundaries of the Solid thus becoming a Liquid.


On Seesaw, answer the questions about the information in the video and from what we have discussed.