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Last week we observed the weather and completed a weather diary. 

Have a look at the weather diary below. What do you notice? Can you see any patterns? What is the same and what is different? Discuss with someone at home or in school. 

Think about some questions you could investigate about the weather and the different seasons.




One of the things that we could investigate is the temperature  throughout the day, week, month or even the year? 

How do you think the temperature changes? Can you predict what the temperature will be in the different seasons? How could we measure the temperature? 

We measure the temperature using a thermometer 🌡

Can you predict what will happen to the temperature in a day. Do you predict it will:

a) stay the same

b) It will increase and get warmer

c) It will decrease and get cooler 

Measure and record  the temperature at different times of the day? What did you notice?