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LC: To understand the functions of a flowering plant.


Today we shall check on the plants and see how well they are growing.



Whilst the experiment is continuing, let's learn some more about flowering plants.



To investigate the way in which water is transported within plants.


What is the function of the roots?


What is the function of the stem?


What is the function of the leaves?


What is the function of the petals?




Click on the pictures below, to find out more.






We are going set up another experiment.  

We will need: white chrysanthemums, blue and red food colouring, water and a container.


Place the water in the container, add food colouring then place the white chrysanthemums into the liquid.


I wonder what will happen?


Now, using Seesaw or in your blended learning book, draw a flowering plant and write about the functions of the roots, stem, leaves and petals.