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laughThis week is SCIENCE week.laugh



We will be learning lots about flowering plants and what they need to grow.


Discuss what you have already learned about flowering plants?


Can you name the parts of the plant?

Can you tell your partner what the function of the different parts are?


Use the diagram below to help you.



Click on the picture below to learn more about the parts of a plant.



Thinking about what you know, we are going to think about 'What plants need to grow?'


Think about 'you'. 

What do you need to grow? 


That's right, you need nutrients (food), water, oxygen, light and sleep.


Do plants need the same?


Let's set up an experiment to find out.


We have 5 plants.  


What is our question?


What do plants need in order to grow and survive?


So how shall we set up the experiment?