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Animals, including humans have babies (offspring) that grow into adults. Offspring are very much, but not exactly, like their parents.


Take a look at some of these animal babies...


You were a baby once and now you are growing up. What will you look like when you are as old as your teacher?


Can you guess who might be in these pictures?


That's right- it's Miss Rycroft as a baby and a toddler!! Has she changed much?


Let's learn about the stages of growth for humans.

Now, draw the pictures in the correct order (from the youngest to the oldest) in your book, write the name of each stage and send a picture of your work to your teacher.

How confident are you with the names of young animals? Test yourself with the quiz by clicking on the link below.

So, now we know that humans (and other animals) need different things when they are young. They need feeding, keeping warm and looking after. We also know the names of different young animals. 


Now we are going to use this to complete this 2Do, describing how animals are different when they are babies and adults. Miss Rycroft has started it off for you.