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Can you remember the name of a place where a plant or animals lives?


That's right! A HABITAT.


When plants and animals depend on each other to survive, we call this an ECOSYSTEM.


What do you think would happen to a food chain if part of an ecosystem was destroyed?


Let's watch this video again to find out. Click on the picture below.

We already know a lot about climate change (the warming of the Earth and the changes to its climate over time) and that humans are unfortunately a BIG part of the problem. But... how will this affect global ecosystems?


Let's look at a food chain we have explored.

If climate change causes drought in Africa, the rainy seasons will be shorter and the grass will not grow. What will happen to this food chain?


Well done if you said that the grasshoppers will have nothing to eat so they will die, then the other animals will die too.


In the short term, they may eat another type of plant but then competition for this new plant will mean other food chains will also be affected.


Now it is your turn to answer a question on your own. Write the date and question in your book.

Monday 14th December 2020

What would happen to this food chain if humans chopped down all the trees to make paper?


You could start your explanation using:

When humans chop down trees... because...

Now, revise what you know about food chains by passing this challenge.

Click on the picture below and see if you can pass Level 1.